Simply stated, determining and executing the proper transition plan is our area of expertise.  We do this one thing and we do it very well, faster and more cost-effectively than other entities.

We are here specifically to determine your best exit strategies and work through the transaction quickly, economically and with minimum risks to you and your people. We are motivated to do so because our fees are based on results.

The things that separate Corporate Transition Consulting from other transition consultancies are:

  • We are in pursuit of the end result; not a long-term project
  • We work with for you in concert with your current financial planners, bankers, investment counselors and legal counsel
  • We formulate ethical, workable and high-yield exit plans quickly
  • We provide cost estimates prior to each step
  • We make sure our clients “opt-in” before proceeding to each step
  • We have transaction time frames which are much shorter than conventional business brokers
  • We profile for you a variety of transition options and help you understand how those choices are different for you and your people
  • We provide the same deal structure sophistication and knowledge found in large corporations (able to absorb the overhead associated with maintaining a team of specialists for complex deals) to middle size companies at affordable prices

Certainly you can identify other ways to realize the equity you have in your business with help from your existing financial advisors and legal counsel.  But our experience suggests that substantial benefit can be left on the table.   Your exit transaction may be the final opportunity to realize real personal wealth from all of your hard work, and that final decision should be made as carefully as all the decisions made before it.

When you reach the point of considering exit plans, you will undoubtedly have established relationships with financial advisors and other business professionals. However, most trusted legal and accounting advisors do not specialize in exit plans. And they may simply be unaware of some ideal solutions for your unique situation.

Furthermore, they cannot offer you the benefit of (a) experience accumulated over more than twenty years of executive management in large corporations combined with (b) nearly a decade of implementing large and often highly complex ESOPs which our team brings to the table.

And if you do decide to adopt an ESOP strategy, implementation must be accomplished carefully to avoid setting up future detrimental effects to the company.  CTC rests on a solid background of careful and successful ESOP transitions and we will provide the highest levels of transparency and diligence to ensure that our clients’ expectations are exceeded.

We also understand when the difficult process of a transition is complicated by critical timing (due to unforeseen circumstances such as health issues, death of a partner, board dynamics, hostile takeover, or other personal reasons).  We pride ourselves on our ‘cool heads’ and ability to help our clients explore possible exit plans in an efficient and effective manner.

So we highly recommend that you work with a team of experts at this point in your business’ life cycle.  We also hope that you select Corporate Transition Consulting to be part of that team.

This website captures a topline of who we are and what we do, however we’d very much like to meet you in person so please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions.